Professional mapping UAV cameras

The DeltaQuad Pro #MAP VTOL UAV can be equipped with several mapping or surveying cameras. The cameras range from professional high resolution RGB cameras to innovative multispectral cameras.

To help you decide what mapping camera system to choose here are some of the features for each camera system:

Sony A7R-III with Sonnar T 35mm lens

  • 42 megapixel
  • Full frame sensor
  • 35 mm focus length
  • Hot-shoe for PPK integration
  • Automatic retracting and onboard recording
  • Video Control Station with camera joystick

Sony A6000 mapping camera

  • 24 megapixel
  • APS-C (23.5mm x 15.6mm)
  • 35 mm focus length
  • Hot-shoe for PPK integration

Micasense Rededge MX Multispectral mapping camera

  • Blue, Green, Red, Red edge, and Near-infrared
  • Generates plant health indexes and RGB (color) images from one flight
  • Embedded GPS for direct geo-referencing

You can compare the DeltaQuad Pro #MAP VTOL mapping UAV payload options at