Professional VTOL Mapping UAV

Whether you are looking for a long endurance mapping UAV, or a highly accurate geospatial surveying drone, the DeltaQuad Pro #MAP aerial mapping UAV provides the ideal platform for CM level accurate mapping and surveying.

How it works

A mapping UAV is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that carries a mapping camera that shoots high resolution images at an interval. The camera is nadir facing, that means it is pointing directly below the vehicle. A mapping or surveying mission is planned and the UAV automatically triggers the camera to take pictures after a set amount of distance. The images are geo-referenced and a complete map is created using stitching software.

The DeltaQuad Pro #MAP

DeltaQuad VTOL mapping UAV
DeltaQuad VTOL mapping UAV

The DeltaQuad Pro #MAP is an unmanned aerial vehicle that can takeoff and land helicopter, and fly efficiently like an airplane. As a result it can operate in confined areas and fly long distances. It can be equipped with a high resolution RGB or multispectral mapping camera. The smart flight controller and ground control station make surveying an area very easy.

The DeltaQuad VTOL mapping UAV is easy to transport in a rugged flight case. The efficient design makes it fit in the back of a regular car or truck. It is deployed and ready to fly in under 2 minutes. It can map an area up to 1000 hectares / 2500 acres in a single flight at 3cm per pixel.

Key features

  • VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing)
  • Up to 1000 hectares / 2500 acres at 3cm per pixel in a single flight
  • Completely autonomous mapping missions
  • Automatic terrain following
  • Easy to transport and deployed under 2 minutes

UAV Mapping and Surveying applications

UAV Mapping can be employed for a variety of surveying and geospatial tasks such as;

  • Monitor growth and prospected yield
  • Identify problems without damaging healthy crops
  • Manage irrigation and minimize soil erosion
  • Monitor vegetation and identify weak spots
  • Multispectral analysis of crops

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